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Trembling Landscapes

Eye Filmmuseum

We developed an interactive campaign to draw attention to the 'Trembling Landscapes' exhibition. Potential visitors can participate in an archaeological branding experience that uses out-of-home, sponsored videos and an Augmented Reality ad on Facebook.

The campaign visual is an abstract take on a geological diagram of the different layers of the Earth. This as a visual translation of the title of the exhibition, but also to literally portray the depth of the works. The exhibition and campaign are keen to tilt the Western view. In the campaign image, works of art from the exhibition are placed in the layers of the earth. The diagram is a scale model that we developed in our own studio.

In the Augmented Reality (AR) advertisement on Facebook, you can discover the stories behind the works. When the target audience opens the ad, a hole in the ground immediately appears in front of them. This brings the campaign image to life, but it is possible to get a taste of the exhibition in a playful way.

All ads have been developed bilingual, in Arabic and English. Arabic was the first language, to welcome a new target group in a pleasant way.

Experience the AR ad