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Background In order to get the Stedelijk top-of-mind again with families when they are looking for a nice outing, there will be a family offer every week from 2022. At the weekend, for example, there is a family tour on Saturday and on Sunday you can do the Whats-App treasure hunt. You can also do an audio tour every day especially for children, through the Tomorrow is a Different Day exhibition. With the Together we are Stedelijk project, research has also been conducted into the question of why families from different neighborhoods in Amsterdam (North, Nieuw-West, Southeast) come to the museum much less than families from other neighborhoods. The findings and expectations that people have when visiting a museum are important to be included in a campaign aimed at families. The Stedelijk Museum has asked KAPOOOW to develop a barrier-reducing campaign for all people from these districts in Amsterdam, in which parents are given a special focus.

Idea KAPOOOW has developed four threshold-lowering animations that show something that you did not know was possible or allowed in the Stedelijk Museum through a little gag. The four scenarios revolve around things such as entering the museum with a stroller, that there is an audio tour for children, that you do not have to be an art expert in the Stedelijk, and that you can just talk and laugh out loud during a visit. to the Stedelijk. Aside from the animations, there also was a Out-of-home-campaign based on the paintings.

The animations have been created in a fitting way through dozens of small paintings, which together form an animation. More than 100 paintings were made for the campaign, resulting in a striking campaign image. This look should immediately make it clear to viewers that they are dealing with a museum and are funny in nature to contribute to the approachable message.

Of course, all animations are inclusive in terms of "cast", they are also accessible in terms of language, in order to shift the highbrow image of the current Stedelijk visitor a bit. The aim of these animations is to make the target group feel more welcome.

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    Gewoon in het Stedelijk

    • Bedenk een campagne die de drempel verlaagd voor een bezoek en gezinnen welkom laat voelen.
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  • Stroler allowed?

  • Audiotour for kids?

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  • Flyposting = lowbrow

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  • ... you need dozens of paintings per animation!

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