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DWI Instructional Video

Gemeente Amsterdam

The Department for Work (Dienst Werk en Inkomen) and Income helps residents of Amsterdam enter the labour market and actively participate in society.

In order to qualify for social benefits, new clients have to attend an instructional presentation by DWI employees. This is mandatory to inform new clients about protocol and necessary steps that need to be taken. DWI wanted to shorten and simplify this process, so that its employees have more time to work towards a sunnier future for their clients.

Since we were addressing a delicate subject, we felt we should present the story in a personal way. In collaboration with Roller Coaster we created a story consisting of six chapters. The minute long videos depict DWI employees as themselves as well as their clients in a stylized Amsterdam. The different neighborhoods are recognizable, but won’t distract viewers from the story being told.

The chapters show people from different paths of life explain what happened and how they resolved the situation. Employees and a voice-over explain the necessary steps to follow in order to qualify. We're confident this video helps to simplify this complex process for DWI's clients.

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    DWI Instructional Video

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