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Heroes of South East Amsterdam



The Bijlmer is beautiful and the people who live there are part of a warm community. Still, there are things that could be better. Based on this need, the alliance 'Masterplan Zuidoost' was created in order to: "together create more opportunities for young people in the coming years, increase the quality of life in the neighborhood and make Zuidoost safer. The Masterplan was set up to work together to improvements in the areas of living, working, education and safety – now and in the future."


The objectives of the campaign can best be summarized in the following three points:


To motivate and inspire the target group to realize an initiative, Zo=Zuidoost is launching the "Helden van Zuidoost" campaign. Through the visual language of a sticker collection album with (sports) heroes, various people who have meant something to the district (since the 1970s) are put on a pedestal and new heroes are discovered.

The campaign features "collection pictures" of neighborhood heroes, such as psychomotor therapist Waldy Neijhorst, whose life mission is to increase the mental resilience of this group. In addition, younger heroes also pass by, such as Sortkill, co-founder of SMIB. But of course also new heroes such as Ama Koranteng-Kumi, who with Zo=Southeast Flowering & Growth in various neighborhoods and thus helps its neighbors to gain access to healthy food. So it's not about fame, but about the fact that your initiative has contributed to the community of the district.

All expressions show a collection of hero pictures and invite you to become part of this group of role models; The heroes of Zuidoost. The campaign consists of a print campaign with a poster, social expressions for Instagram (Carousel and Stories) and a (semi) permanent activation. The expressions are closed with one or more missing pictures, as you also have with an incomplete sticker collection album. This silhouette is intended for the initiative of the target group.

 (Semi)permanent dynamic activation

A large sign will be placed at a prominent location in the district, with the printing of an open collector's sticker album. On this board all the heroes of Southeast are depicted as pasted pictures, with a number of missing pictures visible. Every time a plan is approved by Zo=Zuidoost – and a new hero is therefore collected – a new sticker is placed on the board on a silhouette. This is done with a small ceremony on social media and gives an impulse to the target group to be involved in Zo=Zuidoost.



Recognizability campaign image

Because of the popularity of sports and games with the target group, as emerged from the insights sent, a concept and visual language has been chosen that connects to this and thematically connects these worlds with the Southeast Master Plan. In the debriefing process, clearly state the following to the target audience:


By presenting the ambassadors as heroes in the visual language and placing them on a stage that is normally (virtually) unattainable because they are sports heroes or Pokémon, for example, the concept tries to create curiosity and involvement among the target group around residents and alliance partners of the Southeast Master Plan.

The visual language is recognizable to the entire target group (and older generations) as something they know from their own world through nostalgia or from a more recent past. The concept of a sticker book with collectible pictures is a good environment for presenting and achieving the content of the campaign message in the right way:

By presenting "people like themselves" and their positive impact, the concept also tries to connect with the desire to remove the threshold from young people who "have good ideas, but have never taken them anywhere let them land out of fear, distrust and/or uncertainty."

Visibility campaign physical and online experience world target group

The briefing also revealed that the visibility of the physical and online world should be evenly divided: "Not every young person is on an online platform. That is why we think physical expressions are very important. before we ask for hands to connect their commitment to Zuidoost to the Master Plan."

The concept and the campaign image offer opportunities to be present in the physical world in the various neighborhoods in Southeast at tactically chosen locations. Think of advertising recreational activities such as sports clubs, fitness centers, schools and community centers. Online, due to the classic portrait form, there is a correct connection to social media such as Instagram, where multiple heroes can be highlighted via Instagram Stories and carousel.

The permanent activation is thereby a long-term tribute to the 'Heroes of Zuidoost', with the possibility for the target group to join in and also to enter the permanent activation". It also offers possibilities for PR activities by developing a ceremony and/or activity when new people are "clamped in". This is also in line with the long-term nature of the Southeast Master Plan.