KWF • Real Life Pac-Man • KAPOOOW

Real Life Pac-Man


The Dutch Cancer Society asked us to create an immersive experience with great PR value to kick off their new 'sunburn awareness' campaign targeted to parents and their kids. The campaign centers around rubbing sunburn cream, protection through clothing and finding shade (Smeren, Kleren, Weren), with the TV-commercial showing kids playing in the sun.

The ‘Real Life Pac-Man’-activation extrapolates ‘playing’ by letting players turn into one of the most iconic videogame characters ever made. An experience that was only possible in a digital environment. Players had to reach the middle as fast as possible while being chased by 3 suns instead of ghosts. Through power-ups like sunscreen, shade and hats players could avoid being tagged by the 3 roaming suns.

The experience featured a camera suspended 20 meters in the air. A giant LED screen was erected next to the experience. This way the audience could watch players in an authentic Pac-Man bird’s-eye view of the game.