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Donate a Lantern



People who care about each other come together around the holidays. What people often do not realize is that this period can be extra difficult for someone who is dealing with cancer. Create an integrated and shareable campaign with a thematic approach where KWF is visible. Finally, it must have a temporary and action-based (from the donors) character with a clear start and end point.


Every year during the dark days, the Netherlands builds a temporary monument together for everyone who has to do with cancer. Through a donation, the target group can have a lantern placed at a special location. At the end of the campaign, this monument is 'lit' by means of a ceremony during the Illumination Ceremony. In this way they can remember or support their loved ones and see that many have also lost someone with them.


The donors create with a small act in the form of donations, an authentic, rural yet personal moment; illuminating a special location with lanterns to commemorate the victims of cancer. The threshold to participate is low, which makes it more attractive for the target group to participate. In addition, the target group can show their solidarity with each other by becoming part of a grand gesture. The busy location creates a shared pride among the target group. The impact of the image shows how many people have been lost to cancer, which is why it is important that the target group donates. Finally, the same image of donor with lantern is constantly seen in all communications, so that it lingers in the head and the concept gets an intrigued character.By igniting a lantern for each donation / victim, it becomes clear how many victims have made cancer and that donations are important to reduce these high numbers. Prior to the moment of ignition, this can be seen in the dynamic reservations of the number of lanterns on the landing page and afterwards in the campaign image with a heart of thousands of lanterns.