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One out of every three people in the Netherlands will suffer from cancer. That’s why KWF Kankerbestrijding (The Dutch Cancer Society) is on a mission. To eradicate cancer KWF funds and guides scientific research, influences policy, and shares their knowledge about cancer and its treatment. KWF, the Netherlands’s most beloved charity brand, was founded in 1949 as a gift from Queen Wilhelmina to the Dutch people.

KWF asked KAPOOOW to create an online campaign raising funds for research through a one-off donation. The campaign had to be in line with KWF’s new brand strategy where values like positivity and trust are paramount.

We developed the interactive campaign “Ik doneer voor” (I’m donating for). The concept of the campaign shows people in a modest but emotionally poignant way why it’s important that they donate. The campaign calls for the target audience to donate, and share on social media who they have in mind via the call-to-action “Who are you donating for?” Through YouTube pre-roll videos, Facebook sponsored videos and bannering the campaign voices the stories from real people surrounding someone suffering from cancer. In the videos and banners we hear friends and family talk about the impact the disease has on them and their loved ones. They end with a positive message through a person saying: “I’m donating for (a loved one), because I want her to live a happy and healthy live. Who are you donating for?”.

After people click the ad, they are sent to where they can donate, write and share on their timelines who they’re donating for. The website also showcases other unique and personal stories to inspire the target audience to write their own.

The strategy is that friends and family of the target audience feel involved to donate as well. Primary reason is that these friends and family also know the cancer patient. Therefore, the stories create empathy and motivation to donate. Another motivation is money for cancer research becomes less abstract and more personal because it is linked to a friend on social media. This way funds for research becomes an urgent and emotional matter.

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    Ik doneer voor

  • Rajeev doneert voor zijn moeder (social video)

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  • Jorinde doneert voor haar collega Jacco (social video)

  • Nicole doneert voor haar zus Saskia (minidocumentaire)

  • Steve doneert voor zijn vader Rene (social video)

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