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Mother’s Day

Pink Ribbon

Established in 1997, Pink Ribbon is a symbol recognized around the world. The heartfelt organization touches the lives of women in more than 30 countries, raising awareness and funding for breast cancer research. Pink Ribbon asked KAPOOOW to create an online campaign highlighting mothers with breast cancer due to Mother’s Day.

We developed a stop-motion video featuring a family made of sweets, focusing on the mom who is symbolized as the popular heart-shaped candy that says ‘mama’ on it. To pique the interest of the target audience we created a juxtaposition between a very serious message told in a visually appealing way.

In the video, we see happy daily life for the family in their house and visiting the zoo. After seeing the doctor, mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has to be operated on. Because of scientific research she can recover from the terrible disease and enjoy being with her family. The video ends with a close-up on the heart-shaped candy that says ‘mama’ on it. The camera zooms out and more heart-shaped candies appear, emblazoned with different female names from all kinds of cultures, to underline breast cancer can happen to anyone anywhere.

When people click on the ad, they are led to Pink Ribbon’s website where they can donate and share a heart of their own with a name of their choosing, raising awareness in their own social circles.

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    Mother’s Day

    • Create an online campaign to highlight mothers with breast cancer due to Mother’s Day.
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