KAPOOOW would like to contribute more directly to a more aware, healthier and more inclusive new generation. After years of developing campaigns with great pleasure, mainly for the cultural sector and charities, this was the main reason for us to also develop educational games.

Nostalgic memories of educational games such as Sim City or storytelling fun adventures such as Monkey Island, combined with contemporary, important themes for children are the inspiration. It is great for us to be able to explore a theme through games and to be able to transfer this in a long format.

The games we develop are educational and intersectional in nature, but – very important! – fun to play. The learning moments are woven into the game and not on-the-nose , which contributes to the immersion and fun that children get from a game. The games are aimed at children from 8 to 12 years old and can be grouped under the name Serious Games; games on the cutting edge between a traditional educational game and a game where only entertainment is central.

Contrary to our campaign work, we don't make the games on commission, but these are our own products. Dreams that we can make come true through our favorite medium, where we can tell local stories of bicultural Dutch heroes, deal with world issues such as disturbed ecosystems or where you learn about astronomy. Everything feels possible to us.

We are currently working hard behind the scenes on our first product, we can't wait to show you!