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Donate a lantern 2016


One in three people in The Netherlands get diagnosed with cancer. On December 30th KWF showed their support to people who are dealing with cancer, by lighting thousands of lanterns, alongside the 30 kilometer long Afsluitdijk.

To show the large number of people influenced by the terrible disease, we've created video’s and banners starring loved ones of cancer patients holding a lantern while sharing their story. These lanterns feature the name of the person they want to support or commemorate. These online ads are accompanied by a short commercial (tag-on) on national television.

On the campaign website, potential donors can enter the name of a friend, family member or colleague who suffers from cancer or passed away. Donors can be inspired by other names and stories on an interactive map of the Afsluitdijk. These names will be emblazoned an actual lantern on the Afsluitdijk on December 30th 2016. The moment all lanterns are lit, will be broadcasted on Facebook Live.

After donating, the donor is able to share a digital version of the lantern on Facebook as a generated image. Friends on Facebook will see these digital lanterns. Who then in turn can interact with the message or donate a lantern themselves.

For who do you light a lantern? Visit kwf.nl/lampion