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Donate a lantern 2017


After the success of lighting up the entire Afsluitdijk with more than 6.000 lanterns in 2016, the Dutch Cancer Society lighted up the geographical centre of the Netherlands on the 29th of December with a gigantic heart made from thousands of lanterns.

By donating their unique lanterns, the audience contributes with their lanterns (and subsequent donation) to the larger goal. Supporting people dealing with cancer by building a beautiful statement in lighting the geographical centre of the Netherlands with a gigantic heart of thousands of donated lanterns.

The campaign contains many sharable moments so, donors can tell their friends and family they donated a lantern spurring them on to do the same since. This way, the audience can experience and interact with the DCS in a meaningful, personal and urgent way. At the same time, they contribute to cancer research and studies that will or could prevent future cases of cancer. Even people who do not participate saw the impact of the campaign through the end results, which was a heart of thousands of illuminated lanterns.

On the 29th of December, nearly 150.000 people watched the magnificent end result during the Facebook and Youtube livestream. Presented John Williams (TV presenter) and Fien Vermeulen (radio DJ Q-music). The stories behind the lantern were shared during the event.